Avid VENUE S6L – Rehearsals, Touring, Recording…


Intense Rehaersals

Even the preparation time is very important nowadays. On the rehearsal days, you can sit down with the artist and listen to the mixes, adjust the mixes and also learn a lot more musically. It may be necessary to fill in gaps here and there, and sometimes rather to leave something away when there is too in much music going on …
The virtual soundcheck becomes a highly musical tool.


In the Venue

For example You can  hear with the bass drum from the previous evening, where the hall and the system goes tonally, if everything fits. Before anyone is even on the stage. The Pro Tools integration is perfect, as all snapshots jump through the markers. I can rely on it blindly, and the Venue S6L system becomes a really good companion, and you can concentrate on mixing the music.


As Full Service with Engineer or as dry hire is available:


Avid VENUE S6L Live Audio Mixing System

  • VENUE S6L-24D Control Surface ( 24 + 2 faders, 64 assignable encoders, redundant PSUs )
  • E6L-144 Engine ( 144 input channels, 64 mix busses + LCR, 96 kHz, redundant PSUs )
  • – 2x AVB Network Card
  • – 1x MADI Card
  • – 1x WAVES WSG Sound Grid Card
  • Stage Rack 64 In/24 Out ( 8 SRI-192 Input Cards, 3 SRO-192 Output Cards, redundant PSUs )
  • – 100m Cat5e Snakes / 16A CE Power


SoundGrid for Avid VENUE S6L

  • Integration of WAVES SoundGrid processing directly into VENUE S6L
  • WAVES SoundGrid Server One ( DSP processing unit 2HU 19″ )
  • WAVES SoundGrid Rack for VENUE ( license )
  • WAVES Mercury, Studiio Classics, Abby Road ( plug In bundle licenses )


ProTools AVB Recorder

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″/2,3GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR3, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD 7200rpm
  • ProTools 12 HD I Ultimate


ProTools HD-MADI Recorder

  • Apple MacPro Quad Core 2×2,8 GHz Intel Xeon, 16GB DDR2, 4x 1TB HDD 7200rpm
  • – HD 3 ( 1x PCIe Core + 2x Accel )
  • – ProTools 10 HD


Drive & Peripherals

  • DENON 501C CD/Media Player + DENON Remote RC-F400S
  • Waves MaxxBCL Dynamic Audio Processor
  • LAKE LM 44 Audio system Processor + Tablet PC with wireless remote access
  • Audience microphone package ( 2x cardioid at front stage / 2x shotgun at front truss / 2-4x shotgun at FOH position )
  • SMAART V.7 measurement system
  • active nearfield monitors