Mixing Live Concerts & Shows


Michael Spiess mixes concert and live performances of music groups various genres. He is touring as a FOH (Front Of House) artist’s live sound engineer in Europe and worldwide.

As a live sound engineer of today, I base on the potential of the new technologies, and at the same time I rely on traditional core values of live sound engineering. My work as a live sound engineer is made up of several components:

  • Mixing live shows of music groups and artists as their Concert Sound Engineer (FoH Engineer). With many of them in a long therm and close cooperation – relationship.
  • Rehearsing with the artist to develop sound design and live setup.
  • Production management, consulting between local production companies and artist’s production requirements.
  • Preparing technical production requirements prior a tour
  • Preparing of mix sessions at home workstation for a further treatment by a studio.

Work with Avid VENUE


My console choice is a Avid VENUE S6L system. I decided for the console that offer the software agility and hardware flexibility of employing multiple plugins within its system.

The resulting unique artistic freedom, to be able to create an extremely high quality audio product, is absolute staggering…
Beside of that  I like to work with my own personal tools whenever it’s possible. My currently used setup gives me the best overall package these days:

  • Pro Tools HD I Ultimate to record and virtual sound check
  • SoundGrid for Avid VENUE S6L is a great piece for Integration of WAVES SoundGrid processing directly into VENUE S6L
  • A Lake LM44 Audio System Processor gives me a perfect management to deliver the feeds to the PA sound system. And also D/A conversion if required
  • Smaart V.7 to monitor the frequency response and interaction ( PA system and room ) and volume ( SPL in dB(A) ) during the concert

Waves Live - Interviews & Articles


Greg Price ( FOH Engineer Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath ) Presents:
FOH Michael Spiess, Interviews & Articles WAVES

Hi, my name is Michael Spiess. I work mainly with Hard & Heavy Bands, mostly from the ‘80s, and I do live engineering for them worldwide.
To make them sound good and mighty is, of course, the main goal. To also sound equal to their records is another one, and this has been very difficult or impossible in the past. This music has a lot of facets, energy, tempo and effects changes throughout.
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Story of how it started

Michael Spiess has begun as a musician, he started out in 1992 with the audio engineering

Before he got first time his hands on a mixing console, he had to learn the basics step by step. First as hand for rental companies in their stores, later as a stagehand on smaller productions.
Beside of that he studied audio engineer at a private institute. Technical literature, electrotechnic, acoustic, sound reinforcement technology, and others by his self-instruction.
The years after were mostly freelance jobs for rental companies, clubgigs, professional meetings for industry and media, and small demo recordings and sound reinforcements, before his work shifted to a band’s own sound engineer…
Due to this hard path over years and a slow development, he can look back on a wide range history of the audio industry. Today he is working with international artists, bands and groups as their live sound engineer on concerts, world wide.