Live Recording & Archiving The Music

It’s Live !

Live Recording ProTools

Live Recording and Multi Tracking on tour creates valuable content for clients. Many of them released DVD’s in the past, based heavily on material recorded live from the FOH System.

Not only the artists did capture their best performances, they saved as well money doing it.
Opportunities to consult and help engineering these DVDs are even there, something which may not can happen if we would not been involved in the recording process

What it else Live Recording can do?

Touring with daily live recording / multi tracking enables to offer also a stereo 2-track of the last show along with audience microphones as something as “ this is how the show was last night ” to give it to the band for creative work, or to the press, to the record company, or just to public a song in social media.
Archiving the music! Especially for older artists who have been on stage for many years, the day comes when they will no longer tour. Therefore, professionally made live recordings become very valuable!

Intense Rehaersals

Even the preparation time is very important nowadays. On the rehearsal days, You can sit down with the artist and listen to the mixes, and perfect them. Spend some quality time with the artist working together on that thing that’s really bugging them !
Make the most of that limited rehearsal time. The recording / playback / virtual soundcheck becomes a highly musical tool.

In the Venue

Use the mix to tune the PA! Use the PA to tune the Mix!!
You can get a idea how Your musik mix will be influenced by the venue before anyone is even on the stage..

Recording Engineer

We recently recorded these clients live, and this live DVD / CD / records were released

Recording and Equipment

What we offer

Live Recording Venue S6L Protools

Professional and solid recording solutions with equipment for live performances with high channel count

  • 64 -128-track configurations
  • Support of Avid VENUE and MADI environments
  • Optimized for avid ProTools with recording systems that correspond to meet the requirements for it.

Live Recording with Avid VENUE S6L and ProTools

  • Avid VENUE S6L system and a full Pro Tools HD / Ultimate combine a system up to 128 ch. of record and playback.
  • Automatically created, named, and I/O assignments Pro Tools sessions base on the existing VENUE Show using Avid’s “VENUE Link”
  • When snapshots are recalled on the desk, “VENUE Link” creates also ProTools TimeLine markers. The Pro Tools integration is perfect, as all snapshots jump through the markers.

Rack-mounted packages

  • Recorder, peripherals, monitor, keyboard comes pre-cabled and mounted in a shock-proof 19“ rack

Audience microphones are most important in almost any live recording

  • Do not forget to distribute a corresponding proper amount of quality microphones in the venue. Record them to achieve a good image of the audience and spatiality for the mix.
  • Ask for Your needs, we are happy to help with any project.