Multi Tracking, Virtual Soundcheck

Choose the best tracks of a show or a tour to produce later a Live CD, such as a DVD bonus, or just to archive

When I do touring with daily recordings I offer also a stereo 2-track of the last show along with audience microphones as something as “ this is how the show was last night ” to give it to the band for creative work, or to the press, to the record company, or just to public a song in social media,…

Intense Rehaersals

Even the preparation time is very important nowadays. On the rehearsal days, you can sit down with the artist and listen to the mixes, adjust the mixes and also learn a lot more musically. It may be necessary to fill in gaps here and there, and sometimes rather to leave something away when there is too in much music going on …
The virtual soundcheck becomes a highly musical tool.

In the Venue

For example You can  hear with the bass drum from the previous evening, where the hall and the system goes tonally, if everything fits. Before anyone is even on the stage. The Pro Tools integration is perfect, as all snapshots jump through the markers. I can rely on it blindly, and the Venue S6L system becomes a really good companion, and you can concentrate on mixing the music.

Live Recording with Avid VENUE Consoles. Pro Tools HD / Ultimate

This system is designed specifically for large scale live productions with a AVID Venue S6L or Profile mixing desk, and a fully working Pro Tools HD / Ultimate System with up to 128 ch. of record and playback / virtual soundcheck. Avid’s “VENUE Link” allows a Pro Tools session to be automatically created, named, and given I/O assignments based on the existing VENUE Show file. “VENUE Link” also creates ProTools TimeLine markers when snapshots are recalled on the desk.


  • Avid VENUE S6L or Profile Consoles
  • Apple Mac Pro HD System
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Pro Tools HD / Ultimate
  • Interfacing with
    – AVB ( VENUE S6L )
    – AVID HD-MADI ( VENUE S6L / Profile with MADI Option )
    – HDx ( VENUE Profile with HDx Option )
    – Avid Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt Core ( VENUE Profile with HDx Option )
  • Audience microphone package
    – Corresponding distribution with a proper amount of quality microphones in the in the venue to achieve a good image of the audience and spatiality for the mix