Live Recording / Multi Tracking

Choose the best tracks of a show or a tour to produce later a Live CD, such as a DVD bonus, or just to archive

When I do touring with daily recordings I offer also a stereo 2-track of the last show along with audience microphones as something as “ this is how the show was last night ” to give it to the band for creative work, or to the press, to the record company, or just to public a song in social media,…


Live Recording with Pro Tools HD & Avid Venue Profile

This system is designed specifically for large scale live productions with a AVID Venue profile mixing desk and a fully working Pro Tools HD System with up to 128 ch. of record and playback / virtual soundcheck.
Avid’s “VENUE Link” allows a Pro Tools session to be automatically created, named, and given I/O assignments based on the existing VENUE Show file. “VENUE Link” also creates ProTools TimeLine markers when snapshots are recalled on the desk.

  • AVID Venue Profile Mixing System
  • Mac Pro HD3 System
  • Pro Tools HD
  • Interfaceing with built in HDx cards of the Venue Profile’s FOH Rack.
  • Audience microphone package incl. mic pre-amps


Mobile Package

Live Recording / Multi-Tracking with a light and more portable equipment for AVID VENUE, or any MADI, AVB, Dante, or FWx enabled mixing consoles.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″/2,3GHz Intel Core i7
  • ProTools HD or WAVES Tracks Live Software
  • Interfacing with
    – Avid Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt Core  ( VENUE Profile with HDx Option )
    – FWx built in VENUE SC48 Interface ( max 32ch. ), or
    – RME MADIface / Madi-Optical/Coaxial USB2-Interface ( any MADI enabled console)
  • Audience microphone package